Now Accepting pre-sale orders!

Can't make it to a con or special event?

Chances are good that we will be there!  We are happy to bring the best of the event to you!

Can't afford to buy admission tickets, pay for parking, lodging, food, etc.?

Save time and money by ordering through us! For a small markup (usually around $20) we will get that signature or hard to find item for you!

Do you hate waiting in line?

Then you need us!  Whether you are attending the con or not, we can save you HOURS of standing uncomfortably in line waiting.  Wouldn't you rather be enjoying the event, checking out panels or chatting up artists and vendors?  


Sure, you can purchase signed items online for less than what we charge, but by using us you have a 100% guarantee of authenticity along with photo documentation, reciepts and a story to go along with it!  Often time we can get personalizations as well!

We do all the work!

Want something special signed?  I'll do the legwork and track down that Funko Pop (even Chase and exclusives), I'll get that hard to find art print or action figure.  Just tell us what you want & we will take care of it!  Have your own item? Ship it to us and we got ya covered!

Contact Us for specific pricing & availability

Quantities are limited and pricing increases as we get closer to show time, so order early!